PRO Rugby Player To Compete In Winter Olympics

Rugby players can find themselves anywhere. Sam McGuffie was a wing for the PRO Rugby team, Ohio Aviators, last year. Now, McGuffie is about to take on a new challenge, as he sets up to compete in the 2018 Winter Olympics. McGuffie has been an athletic monster, most notably from some old video from his […]

NFL Stars Commentate Rugby Matches

Rugby is one of those sports that is at its best when experienced. Not everyone has that opportunity though. Sometimes you just have to dive in. There is nothing more entertaining then watching a person trying to understand the nuances of rugby for the first time. This did not disappoint, as we got the opportunity to […]

Top 10 Rugby Running Man Challenges of 2016

2016 was an exciting year for the rugby community. We saw the rise (and fall) of professional rugby. We saw history being made with the return of rugby in the Olympics. We had a chance to watch a team in Ireland, defeat the New Zealand All-Blacks for the first time in team history after 29 […]

Alev Kelter Teaches Olympic Regiment On Dr. Oz

Olympic Rugby star, Alev Kelter, had the opportunity to be on Dr. Oz on November 30th. Alev Kelter has been gaining notoriety in the public space since the USA Women’s Rugby 7s team finished the Olympics in 5th place. Kelter was invited on to the Dr. Oz show to give some suggestions on how to […]

Rugby Is A Top 5 Tinder Match

The Olympics closed and finished on a high note. There wasn’t any cataclysmic problems that occurred during the Olympics. The USA came out on top in total medal count and total individual medal count. Most importantly, rugby was a resounding success, but apparently not just in play on the field. Rugby came in with a […]

2015 Was a Helluva Year For Gift-Time Rugby Network

What a review of this 2015 year of Rugby. A few things we did this year: – Covered the second ever National Rugby Football League combine – Covered the 2015 Women’s Atlanta International Sevens Tournament – Started live stream broadcasting games – Broadcast the USA Rugby South Panthers vs. Cayman Islands – Broadcast the True […]

LSU Campus To Spear Head New Rugby Program

A new Rugby XV’s season is quickly approaching. College kids are returning to school. Senior sides are closing out their Rugby 7s season and opening up training camp for the 2015-2016 season. With the teams prepping for the start of the season, new faces will be entering into the mix. In Alexandria, Louisiana, a sleepy central […]

We Need Your Clicks!

Gift-Time Rugby Network has worked hard to give you quality Rugby news and entertainment. We work hard to make sure that we can keep improving our efforts to bring you informative, hilarious, and inquisitive content. We now need your help.   We have been entered into the Mission Main Street Grants contest. This contest gives businesses a […]