PRO Rugby Officially Calls It Quits

Update: USA Rugby posted a press release in response to the allegations by Doug Schoninger: “USA Rugby categorically denies any and all allegations purported by PRO Rugby Tuesday, Dec. 20, and is saddened to hear of the planned termination of all valid contracts signed by athletes that have fulfilled their playing duties for season one […]

Texas Preps For New Professional Rugby Competition

Today, the Austin Huns and Griffins Rugby of Allen, TX, released a joint statement officially stating that they are actively working to put together the pieces for a professional Texas Premiership. Over the last several months, both of these teams have been actively showing the push for this premiership. Griffins Rugby started the process in 2015 […]

PRO Rugby Announces Broadcast Partner

So, it’s finally announced. PRO Rugby has a broadcast digital streaming partner, and it’s not who you think it is: So it is with this CALL TO ACTION that I ask all rugby supporters, both in the USA and Worldwide, to support our teams and players in these very important early days. Watch our broadcasted […]

Breaking News: PRO Rugby Schedule Released

PRO Rugby North America has finally released their official schedule, as their April 17th start date quickly looms forward. The PRO Rugby North America League will be playing from April 17, 2016 – July 31, 2016. Check out what the schedule looks like so far. 4/17/16: San Francisco at Sacramento & Ohio at Denver 4/23/16: […]

PRO Rugby Officially Announces Last City

Despite it being the worst kept secret in the USA rugby community,  Denver has officially been announced as the final city to hold a PRO Rugby team for the upcoming 2016 season that is set to start in April. PRO Rugby North America press release states: PRO Rugby is pleased to announce that Denver will […]