Spotlight Player of The Week – Jamie Marmalejo

Jamie Marmalejo is a fierce competitor on the pitch and is helping the University of Missouri women’s rugby team take their game to the next level. After trying out wrestling and basketball, the fly-half realized that neither sport was aggressive enough for her so her older sister turned her to the game of rugby. “I […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson, a human resources management major, has been a vital asset to the University of South Alabama rugby program. Currently president, he looks to lead the team to new heights in 2016. Johnson got his start in rugby at when his friend pestered him to come out for the team his freshman year. “I […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Joe Ruocco

Joe Ruocco has been a staple for the Louisiana State University men’s rugby team and has assisted in taking the program to new heights. Inspired by his father playing rugby, Ruocco saw the opportunity in Baton Rouge and took advantage of it right after high school. Once transferring into LSU, he continued to make a positive […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Bryce Watson

Bryce Watson is no stranger to top level rugby so playing rugby at Texas Christian University was an easy decision for the scrum-half. Watson got his start playing in his home state of California for a team his father’s work partner started. “I started playing 7 years ago when my dad’s work partners began a rugby […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Paige Bowen

Being part of a team is a special bond that athletes miss after stepping away from sports. After high school, scrum-half Paige Bowen, wanted to get back into a team atmosphere so she found rugby. While going throughout her first year of college at Arkansas State University, Bowen craved a team atmosphere and needed something […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Amy Werdine

If not heading to a professional league, most players call it quits after playing Division I athletics. Amy Werdine, on the other hand, is not like most players. After playing Division I soccer at Appalachia State University, Werdine went on to graduate school at Louisiana State University and stay active. “I played four years of Division 1 […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Kelly Kryzak

Growing up, Kelly Kryzak was seen just as, if not more, aggressive than the boys she faced off against in lacrosse. It wasn’t until she found rugby that she truly let out her aggression. Kryzak, current junior at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, entered college playing lacrosse. She switched sports once one of her […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Ashlee Byrge

Ashlee Byrge, along with the Davenport University women’s rugby team, are seeking perfection this season and have been a dominating force on the pitch. Not really having a passion for soccer, Byrge was looking for a more aggressive sport to take part in. “I played soccer my entire life but I wasn’t very passionate about […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Brian Keown

The stage is set for the much anticipated SCRC conference championship this week. The University of South Carolina will take on the University of Tennessee. With such a big game on the line the Gamecocks will look to their scrumhalf, Brian Keown for some big plays. Keown got started playing during his high school days […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Amanda McBride

Current senior at Oregon State and president of the women’s rugby team, Amanda McBride has made a huge impact on the organization and has proven herself a tremendous leader for the team. Now in her fourth year of playing, McBride had heard about the game of rugby during her high school days but never had […]