ARC 2017: USA v Uruguay Highlight Reel

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — USA beat Uruguay 29-23 at the Americas Rugby Championship, Game 2 on Toyota Field Saturday. Here are some highlights from the game, and stay tuned for the recap on Monday! #ARC #ARC2017 #USAvURU #Rugby #Highlights #AmericasRugbyChampionships #USARugby #GiftTimeRugby

USA vs Uruguay: A Time for Redemption

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS — USA Eagles kickoff against Uruguay Los Teros for the opening of Americas Rugby Championship (ARC) 2017 at Toyota Field in San Antonio, Texas 3 p.m. CT Saturday, which may allow the USA men to redeem themselves. Los Teros defeated the Eagles in their final match up at ARC 2016 in Montevideo, […]

Olympic Rugby Coaches Speak On How To Be An International Rugby Sevens Player

The Olympics has been doing a good job recently of allowing people to revisit the competitions that took place. So of course they would have to bring up rugby 7s. This piece breaks down some insights by the top Olympic rugby coaches, on how to be an international rugby player. There is some pretty solid, […]

All-Blacks and Tennis Stars Set To Compete Against Each Other

On January 1st, the match up that sports fans never expected, but rightfully deserve, will take place. Four of the top athletes in the world are set to face off against each other. It’ll be the match up to end all match ups! That might be a little much, but this is still a very […]

Alev Kelter Teaches Olympic Regiment On Dr. Oz

Olympic Rugby star, Alev Kelter, had the opportunity to be on Dr. Oz on November 30th. Alev Kelter has been gaining notoriety in the public space since the USA Women’s Rugby 7s team finished the Olympics in 5th place. Kelter was invited on to the Dr. Oz show to give some suggestions on how to […]

Southern Rugby Players To Be Featured In Rugby League Documentary Film

Ty Elkins and Terrance Williams have been selected to join the Toronto Wolfpack, a professional rugby league, to compete in the United Kingdom. Ty Elkins, is a veteran rugby player who has a long resume of high level rugby, including playing for the Charlotte Men’s Rugby Club, USA Rugby South Panthers, and Ohio team of the Elite […]

HSBC Dubai Rugby 7s To Highlight New USA Stars

This weekend the HSBC Rugby Sevens Series kicks off again as it opens up in Dubai. This season, the series has made several changes, particularly for the women’s side with the USA women’s Rugby 7s tournament moving from Atlanta to Las Vegas. The Men’s HSBC Sevens Series rounds are: Dubai 7s (Dec 2-3rd), Cape Town […]

USA Rugby South Panthers Select Roster For Match Against Capital Rugby Union

USA Rugby South is pleased to announce its selections into the Men’s team that will tackle the Capital Rugby Union on Dec 3 in Richmond, VA. This game will conclude the fall season for the Panthers men’s team. A representative side will compete in the Barbados World 7’s the following week and the Spring Season […]

USA Rugby South Panthers Run Through Another Try Out

The USA Rugby South Panthers men’s team held an open tryout this past weekend, hosted by the Birmingham Vulcans Rugby Club. The regional select side was scouting for new talent to add depth to its roster in preparation for a busy season. Approximately 45 players made the effort to spend two days at Erskine Ramsay […]

Americas Rugby Championship returns to Texas

LAFAYETTE, Colo. – After a successful opening season in 2016, six proud rugby nations from the Americas will again play the Americas Rugby Championship 2017 over five consecutive weekends, opening on Saturday, February 4. Full national teams from Brazil, Canada, Chile, USA, Uruguay and defending champion Argentina XV will compete for the biggest continental prize. […]