VIDEO: Rugby Sense – Episode 7: Women’s Elite D1 and The Monster’s Rugby

Scores From Around the Nation – 1:41 Rugby World Cup News – 6:11 Todd Clever speaks out – 11:44 Women’s Elite D1 – 20:25 Question of the day – 23:02 Game Predictions For This Weekend – 28:02 Final Thoughts – 34:22 Check out Rugby Sense, No Nonsense, where we go over last weeks news, with […]

WEBISODE: Rugby Sense – Episode 6: Irish Going Pro Rugby

Scores From Last Weekend – 1:02 Rugby World Cup Action – 5:35 AJ McGinty Goes Pro – 12:50 Penn State and Army Added to Varsity Cup – 15:45 Random Question of The Day – 17:31 Game Prediction For This Week – 21:36 Free Thought – 28:21 We’re talking about USA Eagles going professional, Rugby World […]

Rugby Sense, No Nonsense

We’ve launched a new Youtube show to give you honest and raw analysis of Rugby on a week to week basis. Check it out on the A Rugby Life, and Gift-Time Rugby Network YouTube page. Rugby Sense, No Nonsense is hosted by Gift “GiftTime” Egbelu and Spring Hill College Rugby player, Ryan Flynn. Let us […]