Penn Mutual Sponsors New Rugby Sevens Tournament

As we near the Olympics, the focus on rugby continues to expand. This summer, a new sevens tournament will arise. Penn Mutual, sponsors of the Varsity Cup and the Collegiate Rugby Championships, will be adding one more tournament to their portfolio. The Space City Sevens Tournament powered by Penn Mutual and Wealth Development Strategies, will […]

Olympic Year World Rugby Sevens Dates Announced

World Rugby has officially announced the dates of the World Rugby Sevens Series for the 2015/2016 season have been released. What looks to be, arguably, the most popular and most important season yet, the series has moved to a new level. This season will be expected to hold the first look at what could be […]

London Women’s Sevens preview: four points, 6,000 miles from Rio

The Women’s Eagles Sevens have completed four of the six legs of the 2014-15 World Rugby Women’s Sevens Series and are just four points from Olympic qualification. Preview the team’s upcoming tournaments in London and Amsterdam this week withSource: London Women’s Sevens preview: four points, 6,000 miles from Rio

2015 Summer Sevens Rugby Tournament Schedule

The XV’s season is quickly coming to a close. And it’s the next best season of the year, Summer Sevens Rugby season. Whether it will be played competitively to aim for a national championship (College Rugby Championships, USA Rugby Sevens Club/College Championships), or whether you are doing for social reasons, it’s going to be a […]