Greaux Rugby Show: Carille Guthrie of James G. Robertson & Clive Sullivan Rugby Foundation

Carille Guthrie is an HBCU Alum, rugby player, engineer, and international traveler and so much more. She has been supporting rugby where ever she lands, regardless of whether it’s working with Doctors across borders in Ebola containment, or helping to young rugby players in Malawi, she is always representing her community. She founded the non-profit, James G Robertson & Clive Sullivan Rugby Foundation, an organization focused on working to develop viable rugby programs at HBCUs. Interview starts at 31:45 mins

Malik Johnson the co-founder of Prairie View A&M Rugby (Episode 63) Greaux Rugby Show with Gift 'GiftTime' Egbelu

Malik Johnson has been in rugby since his senior year of high school. The opportunity to start a rugby club at Prairie View A&M was a legacy decision he couldn't pass up. Malik talks to us about the ups and downs of creating a rugby program, and the sacrifices he made to develop the club.  Watch the video version: Sponsored by: Rugby Outlet Mall 20% off all GiftTime Rugby and HBCU Rugby Classic merch with promo code, 'GREAUX RUGBY' Singapore To Tokyo: Anyway We Can Follow the journey of two men who bike ride through Southeast Asia on their way to the 2019 Rugby World Cup Green Geeks Get access to one of the best and eco-friendly web hosting platforms in the world. You can create your own e-commerce store, websites, and more with ease. Don't allow yourself to only be at the mercy of social media. — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:
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