LSU Rugby vs. LSUA Rugby Full Match Replay

LSUA Rugby came down to Baton Rouge, to face off against the LSU Rugby team. An in-state rivalry in the making, this was a rematch from last years match. Two years ago, LSU Rugby defeated LSUA, 72-0 in Baton Rouge. This year, both teams were out to prove some thing.

LSU Roster:

1. Porter Dazet, 2. Hunter Breit, 3. Hunter McCraine, 4. Dave Downey, 5. Terence Alexander, 6. Trey Nicolosi, 7. Joe Ruocco, 8. Todd Dupre, 9. Brennan Falcon, 10. Jack Remond, 11. Ryan Robin, 12. Daniel Boudreau,
13. Cameron Troxler, 14. Aidan Elias, 15. Jack Gab, 16. Noah Willsea, 17. Peter Belleau, 18. Louis Flores, 19. Cody Frye
20. Alex Feltham, 21. Drake Roethele, 22. Liam Hutcheon, 23. Sam Beard

LSU Alexandria Rugby Roster:

1. A Portelas (Capt.), 2. E Keenan, 3. M Matthaus, 4. K Simmons, 5. S Woods, 6. S Wright, 7. M Cokely, 8. D Herman
9. J Morgan, 10. Q Miller, 11. V Jackson, 12. O Ntlokwana, 13. L Beaumont, 14 C Green, 15 D Miller


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