Men’s Division II Collegiate Championship to be played this fall

(Source) USA Rugby has made the official announcement that they will be holding the Division II Collegiate Championships in the Fall. This means schools that are vying for a Division II position, like those in the Deep South Conference, will be having their games during the fall season.

The College Management Council voted to approve the request of the current Division II Men’s Collegiate Division Conferences for a formal USA Rugby Men’s Division II Collegiate Championship to be played this fall.

In addition, the proposed dates for the Round of 16/eight conflict with the planned introduction of a Division II Men’s Bracket at the USA Rugby National Collegiate 7s Championships scheduled for November 23 and 24.

This is a positive for schools like University of Louisiana Lafayette who won their conference, and were held out of the collegiate Sweet 16 for not being a part of the member USA Rugby unions. This also allows smaller universities with rugby programs, to have a chance to acquire a national championship game.

Provisions have been discussed to ensure that all Division II teams, including those left out of a conference structure, will be provided a pathway through to this National Championship.

I’ve always been against Rugby in the fall because it creates a direct opponent to the behemoth of a sport that takes place in the fall on Saturdays, College Football. I’ve always believed that Rugby should work in association with football, and should be played in the spring. This way it doesn’t create any conflict with each other. That being said, I think this great for rugby overall. The chance for all schools to be granted an opportunity to go to a national championship and still be able to receive the proper coverage they deserve, is something that will bait more players to come play. Further increasing the sport. We’ll see how this trial process goes.

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