Notre Dame College Women go Head-to-Head with Lindenwood

Notre Dame College Women’s Rugby will travel to play Lindenwood University Women’s Rugby this Saturday in Hunter Stadium at 2 pm CST.  Watch live on Gift-Time Rugby Network.

Notre Dame College Women’s Rugby moved from USA Rugby to NIRA this year.   While also playing big names like Life, Penn State, AIC, and Lindenwood they compete in the NCAA NIRA league. Coach of the NDC Lady Falcons, Luke Markovich, said, “We went through the initial growing pains this year but the future is very bright for NDC, women’s rugby and the NCAA.”

He went on to discuss the progression through the Fall season.  “The beginning of the year required a lot of work for the team. Culturally and strategically speaking. While trainings require skill work we also had to raise rugby IQ and implement a new and organized system.”

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“At this point in the year we have found our cultural core of the team and we have reached a point to build structurally. While we have sustained some bruises throughout the season we are in a very solid position mentally and have reached a high point in discipline.”

Markovich continued on how both the forwards and backs at NDC are held to a high standard. “Each player must have a heightened sense of awareness. While their roles are different, they work together to implement our system. Every player knows where they need to be and is held accountable for every minute they are on the field.”

On preparing for Lindenwood this weekend, Markovich said, “we have focused heavily on aggression and structure. We know, in order to beat a big, strong competitor like Lindenwood, you have to force them to play within the parameters of your system. You do this by sticking to a proven structure and doing so with every ounce of effort.”  


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