Rugby Reaches ESPN Body Issue

As Rugby continues to grow in relevance in the mainstream media here in the United States. We have begun to see players find themselves in pop culture magazines. Last month we saw USA Women’s Eagles veteran, Phaedra Knight, get a feature in the digital magazine “GO” as one of the 100 Women We Love. This week we saw a major boost in the American rugby profile, as USA Men’s Eagles captain, and long time face of the team, Todd Clever, get featured on the annual ESPN The Magazine Body Issue. In addition to showing off the physique of an international Rugby star, he answered many questions such as what some of his biggest challenges are,

My biggest challenge is keeping weight on. I’ve always struggled with my legs; they’ve always been pretty skinny compared to some of the competition that I go against. Five days a week I’m eating five meals a day and snacking, I’m making those Costco runs, stocking up on salmon and chicken. I had a few years where I was just eating everything, but nothing was sticking to my bones. I was pretty scrawny.

Even spoke about his other sports opportunities that were presented to him,

I’ve gotten calls from two different NFL teams about being a crossover athlete. In 2007 or 2008, we had the Rugby Sevens here in San Diego, a national tournament — that’s when I met a good friend who is now an NFL agent. He took me to some workouts. It was flattering, but I didn’t entertain it too much just because of how much I was enjoying rugby and how much I was enjoying traveling and representing the USA.

You can catch the entire article in the link below. Congratulations to Todd Clever and the American rugby community with this feature and many more to come.

Source: United States rugby captain Todd Clever hands off his clothes – ESPN The Magazine Body Issue

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