Austin Huns Commercial For Home Opener

The Austin Huns have been putting in so much work this last year. They created a partnership with French professional rugby program, PRO 12, officially starting them into the realm of becoming a professional rugby team. Then they added Todd Clever as a part owner of the for profit side of the team. The Huns […]

Texas Preps For New Professional Rugby Competition

Today, the Austin Huns and Griffins Rugby of Allen, TX, released a joint statement officially stating that they are actively working to put together the pieces for a professional Texas Premiership. Over the last several months, both of these teams have been actively showing the push for this premiership. Griffins Rugby started the process in 2015 […]

USA Eagles Captain Takes Ownership Of Professional Rugby Team

We reported earlier this month about how the Austin Huns Rugby Football Club had announced that they were intending to move to a for-profit, revenue generating structure. Today, the announced their biggest news, Todd Clever will be partnering with them to help formulate their professional team. Todd Clever will become part owner of the Austin Huns […]