Greaux Rugby Podcast: Curitiba Rugby featuring Gabriela Pelligrini, Vitor Ancina, and Leonardo Crema

Curitiba Rugby Club is one of the premier rugby clubs in  Brazil. Based in south Brazil, the Curitiba Rugby Club is led by Gabrielle De Pelligrini, the captain and senior player for the women’s side, Vitor Ancina, the captain for the men’s side, and Leo Crema, head of media for Curitiba Rugby. We speak about […]

Brazil wants you for them

  (SOURCE) Brazil is looking for their next Olympic Rugby team. As many people know, Brazil is better known for their immaculate soccer (football) skills, and not their rugby skills. In fact, they are so lacking in players that they are looking to go abroad for players. The country has only about 10,000 registered players […]