Greaux Rugby Show: Cody Melphy of USA Rugby Eagles Men’s Olympic Team

Cody Melphy has been on the scene for almost a decade now. From a high-level player for the Glendale Raptors to Life University and all the way as a member of the USA Rugby Olympic Sevens team. Melphy talks to us about how he got started, what it was like being an Eagle, and his […]

Greaux Rugby Podcast: Charity Williams of Canada Rugby 7s Women and Olympic Medalist

Charity Williams entered her athletic career as a gymnast, but quickly found success in rugby. Williams talked about her rise through rugby, and how it related back to her day to day life. The experience of being a part of the Olympics, while being the youngest player on the team. She also spoke on how she […]

Nathalie Marchino on using social media to build a brand

Nathalie Marchino was a former USA Rugby Women’s Eagles player, before becoming a part of the Colombia Women’s National Rugby 7s team. Nathalie talks about how the Olympics helped develop the rugby brand for players, and what the significance of social media is on self-branding. Check out the full podcast interview on iTunes at Don’t […]

Olympic Rugby Coaches Speak On How To Be An International Rugby Sevens Player

The Olympics has been doing a good job recently of allowing people to revisit the competitions that took place. So of course they would have to bring up rugby 7s. This piece breaks down some insights by the top Olympic rugby coaches, on how to be an international rugby player. There is some pretty solid, […]

Rugby Is A Top 5 Tinder Match

The Olympics closed and finished on a high note. There wasn’t any cataclysmic problems that occurred during the Olympics. The USA came out on top in total medal count and total individual medal count. Most importantly, rugby was a resounding success, but apparently not just in play on the field. Rugby came in with a […]

Breaking News: Olympic Rugby qualifications announced

(SOURCE) The Olympic Rugby Sevens qualifications have been officially announced today. To qualify for the Olympics, teams must either place in the Top 4 in the 2014/2015 IRB Sevens World Series, win their 2015 IRB Regional Associations Sevens Championships, or win out in a Final Olympic Qualifications Tournament. Brazil’s Men’s and Women’s Rugby Sevens will have […]

Brazil wants you for them

  (SOURCE) Brazil is looking for their next Olympic Rugby team. As many people know, Brazil is better known for their immaculate soccer (football) skills, and not their rugby skills. In fact, they are so lacking in players that they are looking to go abroad for players. The country has only about 10,000 registered players […]