USA Rugby Women’s College D1/Elite D1 Playoffs Preview – UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA

The Gift-Time Rugby Network will broadcast the USA Rugby Women’s D1/Elite D1 College Round of 16 and Elite 8 Playoffs, being held at Life University on April 22 and 23. This playoff will feature the University of Virginia, University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, University of Central Florida, and Life University. The University of […]

Rugby Recap: March 24th-26th

With April fast approaching and various divisions starting their respective championships, here are scores from across the USA! In Men’s Collegiate Division, Central Washington defeated Victoria 31-29 in a non-conference match, while Gonzaga topped Washington State 31-27. In Mid-South action, Life University beat Lindenwood 32-10, and Clemson fell to Arkansas State 76-24. Elsewhere, Notre Dame […]

Spotlight Coach of The Week – Billy Nicholas

The Lindenwood University women’s rugby team is on the rise as one of the top college women’s programs in the country. Who is leading this impressive group of women you ask? None other than coach Billy Nicholas. Nicholas found his start in rugby after college where he began coaching high school and this inspired him […]

Life University Women’s Rugby Claims First National Sevens Title

Even though the weather was not perfect conditions on this past Sunday, May 29, Life University managed a 10-0 win over Lindenwood at the USA Rugby Collegiate National Sevens Championship. One try in both halves was enough to get the win done for their first national title. The conditions of the match were not all […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Jess Dombrowski

A player that can move around and play nearly every position is always useful for a team. Jess Dombrowski does just that for Illinois State and has helped the team in her last four years by serving as a competitive utility player. Dombrowski first got her start in rugby in college like most do. She […]

Women’s Collegiate Rugby Championships No More?

The Women’s D1 College National Championships have been cancelled for the 2015-2016 season. The news was broken by, The Breakdown, today. Earlier this week, it was announced that the Women’s D1 Collegiate Fall Champions, University of Connecticut, would not be participating in the national championships. The split of the Fall and Spring season championships for […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Kelly Kryzak

Growing up, Kelly Kryzak was seen just as, if not more, aggressive than the boys she faced off against in lacrosse. It wasn’t until she found rugby that she truly let out her aggression. Kryzak, current junior at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, entered college playing lacrosse. She switched sports once one of her […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Ashlee Byrge

Ashlee Byrge, along with the Davenport University women’s rugby team, are seeking perfection this season and have been a dominating force on the pitch. Not really having a passion for soccer, Byrge was looking for a more aggressive sport to take part in. “I played soccer my entire life but I wasn’t very passionate about […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Amanda McBride

Current senior at Oregon State and president of the women’s rugby team, Amanda McBride has made a huge impact on the organization and has proven herself a tremendous leader for the team. Now in her fourth year of playing, McBride had heard about the game of rugby during her high school days but never had […]

Spotlight Player of The Week – Noelle Heiser

Being a student at a military academy is no simple task. Now add the commitment of playing the tough sport of rugby and you have yourself a grueling schedule. Sophomore, Noelle Heiser, embraces the toughness and determination that it takes to play for the Air Force Academy. Heiser got her start playing rugby when her father […]