USA Eagles Captain Takes Ownership Of Professional Rugby Team

We reported earlier this month about how the Austin Huns Rugby Football Club had announced that they were intending to move to a for-profit, revenue generating structure. Today, the announced their biggest news, Todd Clever will be partnering with them to help formulate their professional team. Todd Clever will become part owner of the Austin Huns pro team, and will handle development of the structure for the new professional team, recruit players, serve as a key contributor in the development of a state of the art training facility and ambassador for the Austin Youth Summer Camps.

“Having one of the most iconic U.S. players on our team will bring invaluable insight to the success of this project,” says Richard Osborn, President of Huns Rugby Management. “He will strongly compliment our efforts to create an impactful, high-caliber rugby program in Texas, which we hope to serve as a model for other clubs in the country.” 

The state of Texas has been the focus of reform. This professional structure, along with the development of the PRO Rugby North American league, will begin to evolved the direction of rugby in the USA.

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