2015 Was a Helluva Year For Gift-Time Rugby Network

What a review of this 2015 year of Rugby. A few things we did this year:

– Covered the second ever National Rugby Football League combine
– Covered the 2015 Women’s Atlanta International Sevens Tournament
– Started live stream broadcasting games
– Broadcast the USA Rugby South Panthers vs. Cayman Islands
– Broadcast the True South Rugby Union Championships
– Broadcast the NACRA U-19 Men’s Rugby Championships
– Broadcast the SIRC Men’s Rugby Championships
– Broadcast the NSCRO Women’s 15 Rugby Championships
– Covered numerous club and college games
– Had countless interviews with great Rugby players and coaches

Next year we’re coming back, with more content, better coverage, better broadcasts, and more for you to absorb. Thank you for all your support and continue to watch the Gift-Time Rugby Network. Continuing to translate Rugby for you!

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