PRO Rugby CEO Opens Up About Potential League

Matt McCarthy of the website, Rugby Wrap Up, had a chance to sit down and talk with the CEO and President of Pro Rugby North America, the new start up professional rugby league here in the United States. Many questions were answered many questions that have been asked by the curious spectators.

There were some answers that have been known for awhile, and some questions that were clarified, and still some questions that were left unanswered.

Here are some key points that were made in the video:

  1. Games are more than likely to be streamed digitally, and not necessarily supported by a broadcaster
  2. The USA Rugby venture, RIM (Rugby International Marketing), is not directly involved with the creation of the Pro Rugby North
  3. Coaches will be found based on proximity to pro rugby venues
  4. Doug Schoninger is in this for at least three years and, at the moment, is the sole shareholder in the Pro Rugby League
  5. Pro Rugby North America is being paid for out of Schoninger’s pocket

And there is much more. Check out the video:

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