HIGHLIGHTS: LSU Women’s Rugby vs. Arkansas State Women’s Rugby

LSU Women’s Rugby hosted Arkansas State Women’s Rugby in Baton Rouge, LA for a SIRC divisional battle. This was LSU and Arkansas States first game as a member of the Women’s SIRC. This was a close game in the first half, as LSU only lead 17-10 over Arkansas State.

Arkansas State had great push in the first half and looked like they were going to carry momentum going into the second half, but they were unable to. LSU out scored Arkansas State 28-5 in the second half. Leading scorers for the game were Amy Werdine (LSU) with 3 tries, Madison Duff (ASU) with 2 tries.

Louisiana State University

Amy Werdine (15 pts; 3 tries)
Bryanne Robbins (10 pts; 2 tries)
Ebony Thomas (5 pts; 1 try)
Jessi Boagni (15 pts; 1 try, conv: 5/7)

Arkansas State University 

Madison Duff (10 pts; 2 tries)
Paige Bowen (5 pts; 1 try)

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