All-Blacks and Tennis Stars Set To Compete Against Each Other

On January 1st, the match up that sports fans never expected, but rightfully deserve, will take place. Four of the top athletes in the world are set to face off against each other. It’ll be the match up to end all match ups! That might be a little much, but this is still a very interesting competition. Serena and Venus Williams will be taking on Julian and Ardie Savea in a no holds barred doubles tennis match.

Julian and Ardie Sevea (left) and Serena and Venus (right)

If you are not aware of who the Williams sisters are, and it would be assumed that you have been living in cryogenic stasis for the better part of the last 20 years, they are two of the top tennis players in the world. Not the top women tennis players, but the top overall tennis players in the world. If you ever casually turn on the TV and see tennis, give it 2 seconds to be sure Serena isn’t playing, because she is not one that you would want to miss.

The Julian and Ardie Savea have less mainstream notoriety, but definitely major fixtures to know in the rugby world. The Savea brothers are two stars who play for the New Zealand All-Blacks. They are a fearsome dynamic duo on the field, and are integral part of the future of the All-Blacks

The Williams sisters and Sevea brothers will be doing this doubles tournament to help raise money for the victims of the Kaikoura earthquake that took place in New Zealand on November 14th of this year. This is a great way to help raise awareness for the victims and a fun way to help create mainstream crossover for rugby. There is even talks of a dance off between the two sets of siblings. Everything about this sounds just purely awesome.

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