Brazil wants you for them



(SOURCE) Brazil is looking for their next Olympic Rugby team. As many people know, Brazil is better known for their immaculate soccer (football) skills, and not their rugby skills. In fact, they are so lacking in players that they are looking to go abroad for players.

The country has only about 10,000 registered players and the sport is played mostly in clubs and universities.

Brazil has an automatic spot in the Rugby 7’s bracket for the sports inaugural Olympic return in 2016, because they are the host country. But despite the fact, they are going to need to have players that are at least viable enough to play.

Of course it’s not as easy as just joining the team. They have some standards.

If you fulfil the criteria [to become a Brazilian citizen] and believe you have the athleticism, skill, passion and drive to represent Brazil, then we want to hear from you

So if you are interested in trying to become a international rugby player for the country of Brazil, make sure you get in contact with them. You never know. This might be your opportunity to fulfill your dream of becoming an Olympian.


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