This year, in our efforts to provide more all around content that not only represents the game of rugby, we are putting out new programs to entertain you. This year we will be starting rugby movie reviews. We have compiled a full list of 49 pure rugby feature films that have been made. We will break them down for you, so that you can know what to watch before or after a game,  simply for a date night, or just for your personal pleasure.

We will also be adding video game reviews to our program content as well. We will go over the old EA Sports Rugby video games that were made, and live broadcast our game play with commentary of each of these games. It’ll be the video game sports experience we all love.

One part we are most excited for is the launch of our brand new Facebook Live show. We will be talking about domestic rugby news and rumors, talk about some international rugby, and connect some pop culture into the rugby news. It’s going to be exciting.

Don’t want to miss any of it.


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