Camera Operators

Job Title: Camera Operator/Broadcast director

Hours per week: 10 – 20 hrs

Job Description: Will be working with on-screen personality on video production. Will help with doing camera work for out of studio work. Will work on video shooting, editing, and all other production. Will be communicating with diverse audiences.

Required Special Knowledge, Abilities, Skills:
(1) Proficient camera operation skills
(2) Possesses proficient editing and organizational skills
(3) Ability to interact with clients
(4) Possess and practice good judgement
(5) Must be able to maintain a professional demeanor
(6) Able to follow instructions
(7) Ability to pay attention to detail, self-motivated, contribute to ideas and discussions
(8) Able to meet rigorous deadlines
(9) Able to work independently or work with a team
(10) Ability to provide leadership, supervision, and guidance to an extensive constituency at all levels in the company
(11) Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others as part of an effective communications team while fulfilling the company’s mission of teaching, researching, and service.
(12) Some knowledge about rugby, or willingness to learn about rugby
Send resumes and inquires to GiftTimeProduction@gmail.com