Event Organizer Interns



Job Title: Event Management Organizer

Hours per week: 10-20 hrs

Description: We are particularly interested in applicants who are interested and have the ability to interact with new, active rugby audiences and communities, identify and sign talents for shows to fill rugby event attendees with excitement. Applicants must also demonstrate the ability for creativity and generate ideas that result in thrilling event atmosphere, boundary-defying marketing campaign, and develop a social media program from the ground up.

Required Special Knowledge, Abilities, Skills:

(1) Possess excellent organizational skills

(2) Ability to interact with event talent and associates of talent

(3) Excellent oral and communication skills

(4) An intermediary understanding of social media and digital marketing

(5) Impeccable attention to detail, self-motivated, contributes to ideas and discussions

(6) Possess and practice good judgement

(7) Able to meet rigorous deadlines, work independently, and with a team

(8) Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others as part of an effective communications team


Send resumes and inquiries to GiftTimeProduction@gmail.com