Four National Championships of College Rugby

pictures by Gift-Time Rugby Network
pictures by Gift-Time Rugby Network

(SOURCE) RugbyMag’s lead writer, Pat Clifton, put together an excellent piece that reveals the mass chaos known as college rugby in the United States. If you are not aware, college rugby in the United States is plagued with a bit of discontinuity based on the mass imbalance of the levels of rugby being played. Whether it’s imbalance based on skill level, location, funding, timing of play or a mixture of the four. As a result, many rugby programs are forced to find means of being able to continue to compete at a high level, while making it efficient for everyone. What is pointed out are the four National Championships that are provided to college rugby players. There is the USA Rugby D-IA National Championship, The USA DI-AA National Championship, The Varsity Cup and American College Rugby Championships (ACRC). The article describes them out and compares them.

The way I see it, there are four DI national championships. USA Rugby runs two of them, and the other two are startups. The debate over which one is the ‘real’ national championship is unwinnable, but that won’t stop anyone from trying. 

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