Games to watch this weekend – Club – February 14, 2014

[match id=98]

When: 1:00pm
Where: BREC Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, LA

Players to watch
Baton Rouge – Travis Gooch, Bobby Schuster, Ben Gorey
Jackson – Bill Barrett

Jackson Rugby (2-2) will be traveling to Baton Rouge, LA to take on Baton Rouge Rugby (2-2). This has been an intense rivalry, that was topped off last year, when Jackson blew out Baton Rouge 49-14 in Jackson, MS. Both these teams stand a top the True South West Division. Baton Rouge is coming off a big win over Memphis 35-0. On the flip side, Jackson is coming off a huge loss against Birmingham 53-6. Both team know each other very well. Jackson has been infused with a lot of youth, and have built their strength around their back line, and have become proficient at fluid transitions between the players. Baton Rouge, despite having more first and second year players on the team, has show to be a tough team down the stretch. This will be a “bang bang” match, as both teams are looking to take control of the True South West.

photo by Matt Dartez


[match id=111]

When: 3:30
Where: 6013 Loyola Lane, Austin, Texas 78724

New Orleans will be traveling to Austin to take on the Austin Blacks. New Orleans has had a week off, and have hopefully been able to go back over the mistakes that were made in their loss against Houston Area Rugby Club. Austin Blacks are coming off a close 34-20 loss against the first place, Dallas Red. Austin will be looking to secure their home. This will be Austins first home matrix game since November 16, 2013. The favorite for this game will be New Orleans, but just a little bit.

Players to watch 
New Orleans – Jeff Reuther, Chance Doyle 
Austin – Bradley Yandle, Rickey A. Johnson

[match id=128]

When: 2:00
Where: 6013 Loyola Lane, Austin, Texas 78724

New Orleans will be looking to make up a 37-0 loss to HARC as the travel to Austin to take on the Austin Blacks. The Blacks had a close win against the Dallas Red 18-12. New Orleans is hoping to rectify the mistakes made in that trip, but will be facing tough competition against The Blacks. There is no doubt that this will be a tough match up for both teams. Austin Blacks will be the favorites in this match up, but it would not be surprising for New Orleans to take this one.


photo by New Orleans Rugby Football Club

Birmingham vs. Memphis

When: 2:00pm
Where: Krebs Field at Ramsey Park, Birmingham, AL

Memphis will be heading to Birmingham to attempt to get their first win of the season. Birmingham will be defending their home field, and fighting to get a tie of the first place spot after this match. Birmingham has been picking up momentum each week during the Spring. Starting with a close away win against Baton Rouge 13-10, and a huge win over Jackson Rugby at home, 53-6. Birmingham hopes to continue build on that against an ailing Memphis team. Memphis, has been having trouble getting their traction going. Despite playing teams tough, they have not been able to generate the offense to keep up with their teams. Birmingham’s strength has been built off of a speedy and experienced back line, that are looking to overwhelm the defense. Memphis has talent, but is vastly inexperienced in their ball handling, and will have to adjust their strategy to be able to compete. The favorite in this game will be Birmingham.

Players to watch
Birmingham – Brenden Smith, Bobby Smith
Memphis – Chris Claude

Nashville vs. Hopkinsville

When: 1:00pm
Where: Douglas Park, Nashville, TN

Hopkinsville (1-2) will be traveling to Nashville (1-3) this weekend. This will be the first matrix games either of these teams have played this Spring. Both teams have been better home teams than they have been road team. Nashville will be the favorites for this game, but it depends on how Hopkinsville travels in numbers.

Photo by Nashville Rugby Football Club

Knoxville vs. Chattanooga

When: 2:00pm
Where: Possum Park, College Street, Strawberry Plains, TN

Chattanooga (4-0) will be taking their talents to Knoxville (2-1). These team faced against each other on January 25, 2014 and Chattanooga blew out Knoxville at home 48-8. This Chattanooga team has been about as balanced as a team could be. Having blown out their opponents 281-23. Knoxville has played tough against all their teams. Their only loss came against Chattanooga, and they struggled in a in state rivalry match against Nashville winning by 1 point. The favorites for this game will be Chattanooga, as they will look to continue their dominance on the True South teams.

Players to watch
Chattanooga – Wiley Davis, Pat Flynn
Knoxville – Panagiotis Tzerefos, Wayne Pierre Steenkamp

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