Games to watch this weekend – High School – February 14, 2014

photo by Ed Krieder

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When: 10:30am
Where: University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Brother Martin (1-1-0 matrix, 1-1-1 overall) will be facing Niceville (1-1). Brother Martin has been a powerhouse in this league and continues to show as such. But a big loss against St. Thomas High School in Houston, TX, 42-5, Brother Martin will look to recover themselves from the big loss, to take out a competitive Niceville team. Look for big plays to come out of this match up.

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When: 12:30pm
Where: University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL

Niceville (1-1) will be taking on St. Paul (0-2). St. Paul is still building experience in the game, due to this being their inaugural season. They have faced some incredibly tough competition in Jesuit and an experienced Mississippi team. St. Paul hopes to get their first win over a ailing Niceville team.

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When: 1:00pm
Where: Gautier, MS

Jesuit will be traveling to Gautier, MS to take on Mississippi High School Rugby. These two teams are currently standing at First and Second in the league right now. This will be a very defensive match up for these two teams. Jesuit (2-1-0) will be considered the favorite, as they do not have any losses under their belt, despite the fact that Mississippi has more wins (3-0-1). In wins, both teams defeated their teams very handedly in their wins. The difference between the two teams has been in their competition against Brother Martin. Mississippi was blown out by Brother Martin, 42-5, whereas Jesuit tied Brother Martin 17-17. This should be another big game where experience and athleticism will be the determining factor for these teams.

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When: 2:00pm
Where: TBD

Aububon (0-2) will take on Lake Area (0-1-2). This could be considered the battle of the potentials. Both teams have one or two true game changing athletes on their team, the problem both teams have is a blatant lack of experience from the players. Both teams have the majority of their players still learning how to play the game. Audubon will have a chance to acquire their first win for the season. Lake Area has been shut out twice this season and their best game has lead to a tie. Audubon was shut out by Niceville, but was able to keep up with standings leader Mississippi. The experience growth for these two teams will determine who ends up being the victor for the game.


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