Games To Watch This Weekend – January 31, 2014 – Club

We have so many games for this week, we’ve decided to split up the Games to watch between, Club, College and High School. This is another great weekend of rugby

[match id=96]

When: 2:00pm 
Where: BREC Highland Road Park, Baton Rouge, LA 

This is the first cup match for both teams this Spring. Baton Rouge (1-1) and Birmingham (0-2) have been locked in for the last week because of the weather, so there may be an element of rustiness from lack of practice time. Birmingham comes off a win last week in a friendly against High Country out of Atlanta. Baton Rouge was off last week, and played their last game in a friendly against St. Louis Ramblers. Both teams will be very hard hitting teams as the heart of these two teams come in the Forwards.

Players to Watch:

Baton Rouge: Travis Gooch, Bobby Schuster
Birmingham: Marco Callaway,

[match id=110]

When: 3:30pm 
Where: 12131 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77051

New Orleans DI (4-0-1) will be heading to Houston to take on Houston Area Rugby Club (3-1). Both teams are coming off of big wins. New Orleans defeating Dallas Harlequins on January 18th, and HARC coming off a big win over Frisco Griffins 55-17. HARC has not defeated a team with a winning record. This will be the second major challenge with their first coming in a loss over Dallas Reds. New Orleans will have a chance to show how dominate they really are.

Players to Watch:
New Orleans – Chance Doyle, Bobby Johns

[match id=127]

When: 2:00pm
Where: 12131 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77051

New Orleans DII (3-1) will be taking on HARC DII (3-0). This will be a tough match for both teams. Though New Orleans is top of the division, they are going to be looking into a very big defensive struggle. Both teams are coming off of close wins against teams at the bottom or their conference. Look for the homefield advantage to play into the game.

[match id=172]

When: 1:00pm
Where: 37th and Riverside Dr, Tulsa, Oklahoma 74105

Shreveport (0-2) will be heading to Tulsa (0-2) to compete for the first win of the season for. These teams have not performed as well as expected, and will be looking to change that right away. These teams are built fairly similar, in both teams being strong in the Forwards. This should be a rough, low scoring defensive battle. Both teams are very determined to change the perception of their team.

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