Games to watch this weekend (True South Rugby Union – Men’s Club DII)

Baton Rouge @ Birmingham

Baton Rouge (2-0) will be traveling to Birmingham (1-0) this weekend. This will kickoff one of the biggest rivalries in the True South Rugby Conference, and will pit the teams most likely to end up being the representatives for the True South West division in the conference championships again.

Baton Rouge is coming off a massive win of divisional rival, Battleship. The win was labeled as a forfeit, but in play it ended up being an 83-22 win. Birmingham last played a meaningful match at the end of October where they defeated Jackson 48-0.

Baton Rouge has been on fire during their pre-season. Wins over St. Louis Ramblers and Katy Lions by an average score differential of 54 points, have provided a clear definable look at how Baton Rouge can compete in this division. Plenty of points being put up by Alex Daniell and a slew of backs such as Patrick Walker and AJ Lewis, Baton Rouge is looking to be a big threat for this season. You can’t forget the Forward pack though. Bolstered by players in Brandt Jumonville (8-Man), Jeph Jumonville (Hooker) and Osmar Padilla (scrumhalf).

Birmingham has always fielded a tough team with a lot of experience. In the Forwards, Birmingham continues to carry consistency from last year. Leading the Forwards with Marco Callaway and, team captain, Zach Ronk, and Locks, Mudd Townley and Brent Taylor. Birmingham also brings back a strong returning backfield lead by a young cast of players in Kwame Little, Johnathon Gooden, and Bobby Smith.

While this is always a close game and both teams would like to maintain or return back the lead of the True South West, you have to give this game to Baton Rouge. This is a team that has recently had the most experience against playing this Birmingham lineup. Another chance at a perfect regular season is too much for Baton Rouge to hold off on. Give this game to Baton Rouge, 24-21.

Battleship @ Jackson

Battleship (1-2) will travel out to Jackson (0-1) this week for their second divisional match of the spring season. Jackson and Battleship are two teams that always good for tough play, but struggle often with numbers.

Battleship has seen some advantages with gaining players from University of South Alabama. Cohesiveness is still being worked out, but there is a lot of potential in this match.

Jackson haven’t played a meaningful match since they lost to Birmingham in October 2015. Once again, numbers are a concern for this team. They have received new blood from University of Southern Mississippi team, and it helps boost the club more. At this point, it’s matter of gaining experience for this Jackson team.

As far as this game goes, look for this Jackson team to defend their home turf and take this close game. For what it’s worth, both these teams are fairly evenly matched, so they only difference will be the ability to travel with number. Jackson will have the easiest time to garner numbers and will have this game 22-10.

UPDATE: Jackson had defeated Memphis 50-29 on February 6th

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