Head Band To Help Solve Concussion Issues

Concussions have been a growing and important issue in the sports world. In rugby, concussions are still a major issue. As the game has evolved, with bigger, stronger, faster players, long term player data becomes more and more important. Though it has been pushed over and over again about how rugby has a reduced chance of concussions as opposed to other contact sports like American Football, because of tackling form and usage (or lack thereof) of pads. But as more and more research we see that rugby might not be so absolved of reform for concussions.

There’s a company that is looking into that. The use of technology to not only measure the impact of concussions during a match, but build a history and signal administrators when a player may no longer be able to be on the field. Check out this video, this may be something to change the way the game is watched over time.

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