LINKS: 2015 NACRA Men’s U19 Rugby Championships: PLATE FINAL and 7TH PLACE MATCH

7TH PLACE MATCH: USA South Red vs. Bermuda – 10:00am EST


#8 USA South Red will take on #6 Bermuda for the 7th place match. Both these teams have played a tough set of matches. Though they are working for the 7th place position, they have not been pushover teams.

USA South Red played a tough match against Mexico in the qualifier round, losing 29-8. Bermuda showed a lot of toughness in their qualifier match, losing to the USA South Blue, 24-0.

In the Plate semi-finals, these teams took their opponents to the edge. Bermuda kept their game close with Turks and Caicos Islands. Getting two late scores in the match, but unable to close out, Bermuda fell 17-11. USA South found struggle inside the 22 meter mark. They played a tough game against the Cayman Islands, but couldn’t close out their phases. They fell to Cayman Islands 20 -8.

PLATE FINALS: Cayman Islands vs. Turks and Caicos Islands – 12:00pm EST

The 2015 NACRA Men’s U19 Rugby Championships Plate Finals will have the pleasure of seeing two teams that play a gritty style of rugby. A strong battering ram match utilizing the forwards primarily. #5 Cayman Islands vs. #7 Turks and Caicos Islands.

In the qualifier round Cayman Islands found themselves a bit overwhelmed against a very speedy Trinidad and Tobago team, losing to them 47-5. Turks and Caicos Islands faced a similar problem. An opportunistic Barbados team was able to take advantage of penalties and mistakes, and took them down, 43-7.

In the Plate semi-finals the battering ram match worked into the favor of both these teams. Turks and Caicos Islands faced of against a quick Bermuda team, but were able to crash their way into a close win, 17-11. Cayman Islands found their aggression against the USA South Red team. They took advantage of penalties and mistakes, while really finding strong usage from their Forwards to take the win over USA South Red, 20-8.

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