A look at TCU in the Red River Rugby Conference

TCU has had one tough schedule this season with a 1-7 conference record.  Just joining D1A Rugby a few years ago, the Horned Frogs win came from beating Houston in the fall, 41-22.  “We have a very young team with a lot of talented but inexperienced new players” senior Zach Trigg said.

In the Army ROTC program and a two year All-Conference player, Zach said that his last year at TCU can only be described as bittersweet.  “I am extremely proud of what we have built over the course of my time here, and I am very excited to see where the next generation of players takes the program. Junior fly-half Nick Larsen has really stepped up this year both on and off the field.”  Larson scored two tries in their victory over Houston.



Zach continued to describe the program since he joined his freshman year.  “We have built a foundation for success in my four years with the program. Just in the last few years we have joined D1A rugby, signed a sponsorship with Canterbury Rugby, and opened a brand new pitch to host matches on. The future of the program is bright thanks to the hard work and support of everyone involved in the program.”

When asked for one word to describe TCU rugby Zach said, “Gritty. This has been a challenging year with such a high turnover on the roster and playing some very good teams with an inexperienced group. However, the guys on this team have never backed down. I am so proud of the heart they have shown this year, especially the new players, and I know that attitude will pay off for them down the line when the skills match the heart.”

As the season winds down to an end, TCU is starting to transition into their 7s season.  “It will be a good opportunity for both our backs and forwards to play a more wide-open game and hopefully see the game from a different angle.”  Getting their new players more experience in the game can only help the TCU program develop further.


Featured image credit: TCU Rugby 

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