Louisiana Native Takes Rugby To The Next Level

LSU Rugby’s Cameron Falcon is a result of years of work being put together. A product of the New Orleans rugby age program, starting at the young age of 11 years old, Falcon has found himself in a position that will be able to take his rugby career to a new level. Having the opportunity to be a part of the USA Select XV’s squad, that will be participating in the annual American Rugby Championships, Falcon hopes to be able to bring new respect for rugby talent in the South.

Photos by Judy Teasdale Photography
Photos by Judy Teasdale Photography

The American Rugby Championship is a 9 day, four team, 15-a-side round robin that will be taking place in Toronto, Canada. The American Rugby Championship was started in 2009, where it initially featured six teams, but was reduced down to four teams. American Rugby Championships include national teams from USA, Canada, Uruguay and Argentina. Though the American Rugby Championships are not a component of the tier 2 schedule for the USA Eagles, the roster still includes current players for the USA Eagles 15 side.

Falcon’s success should not come as a surprise to anyone. Cameron Falcon has a strong family tradition of playing rugby. His father, Tim Falcon, who is a lawyer in New Orleans, was an LSU and New Orleans Rugby player. In addition, Tim Falcon started and is currently head coach of the Archbishop Shaw High School Rugby Club.  It was because of his father that Cameron started playing rugby in the first place. Cameron also has an older brother, Jarrett Falcon; who is a lawyer in New Orleans, and plays rugby as well. Jarrett Falcon played at Shaw High School, LSU and eventually New Orleans Rugby Club. Jarrett Falcon was one of the core players that helped New Orleans win its division II national championship in 2011 and finish 3rd in division I in 2013. Cameron Falcon also played football and wrestled at Archbishop Shaw high school. 

Falcon has built up quite a resume for himself, and he has attested a lot of his development to being in the age rate system for USA Rugby.

“It’s all about infrastructure. I’ve been in the age rate system since I was 14-15 years old. I think that helped out with my development a lot. If we can have that happen for more athletes I think that will help out a lot”

Falcon has been a part of many all-star squads, from the Louisiana High School All-stars, to the Boys High School All-Americans squad that toured South Africa in 2011, to the Junior All-Americans squad that played in the Junior World Championships in France back in June of this year. He has steadily been increasing the level of his play. Falcon took his development to another level when he decided to go overseas to play at Trinity College, a university based in Dublin, Ireland.

“It was a little more professional system than what I had at home. There it’s a serious sport. There was a full on coaching staff, trainer, practice 3-4 days a week. I was in 4-5 days with the trainer and two high level rugby matches on the weekend. I think there what helped the game so much, because of the quality of the competition every single week was a high quality game, it helped out a lot.”

With the opportunity to now play for the Eagles Select XV’s, Falcon has the chance to learn from USA Eagle vets such as Phil Thiel and Shawn Pittman, a former teammate who was at Trinity College at the same time and current USA Eagle prop. Falcon hopes to use this opportunity to get him to his first international caps with the Eagles.  Falcon’s impact on this game could finally be the catalyst that brings more rugby scouts to the south.

“I think getting guys to excel, like on the USA South (Panthers) team. And getting in these bigger markets and trying to excel. Especially a team like New Orleans going to national championship and prove to teams like Belmont shore, Glendale or whoever that we can compete, we can play. At some point someone will take notice that their playing quality rugby down here and can compete.”

The USA Select XV’s open up American Rugby Championship play against the Argentina Jaguars on Friday, October 11th at 8:00pm CST.

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