Mason City Old Boys Clash to Happen Father’s Day Weekend

The River City Rugby team on Mason City, Iowa have had a strong tradition of excellence and this showcases during their annual old boys clash.

The team once faced a possible extermination in 2002 due to low numbers but thanks to the efforts of the players and alumni, they were able to intensify their recruting efforts and put together a squad.

Former player, Bill Haase explains in a Facebook post, “Luckily, our alumni stepped up and helped give CPR to our organization. Our recruiting intensified and we were once again able to put a competitive side on the pitch to represent all of us.”

A few years down the road, in 2007, the clubs 35th anniversary rolled around. Haase found this as an opportunity to celebrate the new life of the club and show appreciation to the alumni.

He continued, “Our Club’s 35th Anniversary was scheduled to be held in late summer of 2007. I thought it would be fun to hold a “pre-anniversary” match for our local alumni and current players. I once again made a bunch of phone calls and sent out emails as well. We held our first Old Boys Clash on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in 2007. With alumni and current players we had just enough for two teams.”

This year will be no different as the team looks to continue their outstanding event.

“We are pleased that we can keep the OBC participation fees low, $15 for players and $10 for fans, and still be able to put on such a great Rugby event for everyone. We have gone from a couple of weeks for pre-planning to starting our prep six months out. This year we are adding a women’s game and flag Rugby for youth aged 5-12. USA Eagle Phillip Thiel is also going to be on hand as our guest of honor this year. So, from a small gathering of our alumni and current players in 2007 to what we have scheduled this year, I am very pleased with what my little idea has grown into,” concluded Haase.

Best of luck to both sides during the clash this weekend!

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