New Men’s 15 Head Coach For USA Rugby Eagles

It was announced on Monday, that USA Rugby has officially hired a new head coach for the Eagles Men’s 15s Rugby team. Gary Gold (perfect sports alliteration) will be the next in line to lead the Eagles.

Gold has a long resume that has been heavily surrounded  in the UK based professional rugby league, Premiership Rugby. Gold held the position of Interim Director of Rugby for the Newcastle Falcons and Director of Rugby for Bath Rugby. He will be stepping down from his position as a coaching consultant for the Worcester Warriors to take over the Eagles position.

Gold joined Worcester in January this year CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES

Gold is best known for his deep analytical skills and technical knowledge. Gold’s time with the South African National Team, the Springboks. His technical skills helped him move from just a technical analyst to an assistant coach for the Springboks.

The most appealing part of this hire, for the USA rugby community, is that Gold has agreed to move to the United States to coach, unlike previous men’s head coach, John Mitchell. This definitely would help build trust with the community that Gold is in this for the win. Additionally, it should give Gold more opportunity to scout and develop the direction of high performance rugby in the USA.

Gold will be set to join the Eagles after his contract with the Warriors has concluded in 2018.

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