New Orleans Royale Break Up

The New Orleans Royale have been one of the premier club Sevens sides in the southern region for the last 2 years. They have been the Southern regional Sevens champions and competed for the USA Rugby Club 7s National Championships in consecutive years. This includes a home win at the 2014 New Orleans 7s Tournament for the Southern region qualifier and finishing second in the 2014 USA Rugby National Club 7s Championship Bowl Final.

2013 New Orleans Royale Side at Cape Fear Sevens
2013 New Orleans Royale Side at Cape Fear Sevens

The Royale have accredited much of their success to the majority of their players being from the New Orleans area and have played Rugby in the New Orleans High School Rugby program. This year the New Orleans Royale have decided to adjust the team for the NOLA 7s tournament. Player coach and New Orleans Rugby veteran, Jeff Reuther, announced that the Royale will not be competing as singular side this year, instead will be competing as four different high school alumni sides. The high schools the alumni will be representing include Jesuit, Brother Martin, and Archbishop Shaw. The fourth team will be considered a motley team made up of alumni from the remaining high school programs in the area.

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Registration for NOLA 7s is now open to all USA Rugby Registered players, and teams from the Gulf Coast States, Texas, Florida and Georgia are encouraged to make the trip down to the Big Easy for what will be a competitive 7s tournament with a major social aspect.

NOLA 7s is a one day tournament scheduled for Saturday, July 25th. For more information visit —-NOLASEVENS.COM or contact nolasevens@gmail.com

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