Greaux Rugby Show: Developing Rugby (part 1) ft Naya Tapper, Phil Thiel, Charity Williams, Ada Milby, and Rashad Lipford

This week we bring a special episode of the Greaux Rugby Show. We’re featuring some of our past guests, who have talked to us on developing and learning from opportunities that they have had presented to them.  Sponsored by: Rugby Outlet Mall 20% off all GiftTime Rugby and HBCU Rugby Classic merch with promo code, […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Tamara Van Leeuwen, President for Curaçao Rugby Federation

Tamara Van Leeuwen is a former dancer, restaurateur, and economist who found her way into rugby. Though born in the Netherlands, she has lived in Curaçao almost all her life. She became the president of the rugby federation in 2019 and has been grinding away since. She talks to us about the state of rugby […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Brandon Davis of the Dallas Reds Rugby

Brandon Davis is a native of Dallas, Texas. He’s been playing rugby for 4 years, but he’s been a high-level athlete for years. He talks about his origins, how rugby impacted the perspective of his life, and just how he’s been able to work rugby into fitting with his personality and vision.  Sponsored by: Rugby […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Jenn Salomon of Mexico Rugby Women’s National Team

Jenn Salomon has been a very active rugby player and coach in the northeast of the United States. She has gone from a prominent player for Quinnipiac Rugby to becoming a rugby coach for Sacred Heart University and eventually getting to compete in the 2021 Olympic Repechage in Monoco. We talk about where she started, […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Theo Henry of Guyana Rugby

Theo Henry has been involved in rugby for 20 years. He has been a leader on the field for his country of Guyana national rugby team. Won multiple Rugby Americas North Championships, competed at Hong Kong Sevens, and more. Now he’s coming back as the new head coach for Guyana with a focus on revamping […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Cody Melphy of USA Rugby Eagles Men’s Olympic Team

Cody Melphy has been on the scene for almost a decade now. From a high-level player for the Glendale Raptors to Life University and all the way as a member of the USA Rugby Olympic Sevens team. Melphy talks to us about how he got started, what it was like being an Eagle, and his […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Michael ‘Mick’ Fealey, Founder of Citizens Rugby Foundation

Michael Fealey is the founder of the Citizens Rugby Foundation, the Exiles RFC, and Mick Mullins Irish Pub. He has been pushing to file a grievance against USA Rugby to oust the governing body and replace it with a new initiative surrounded around collaborative business. Fealey talks about his rugby journey and what he envisions […]

Greaux Rugby: Maria Thomas, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Union

Maria Thomas is a dynamite of personality and passion. She has been a long-time member of the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Rugby team. She has now turned her energy from just the field to the top of the administration as president of the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Union. We spoke about how she got […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Phaidra Knight, the World Rugby and USA Rugby Hall of Famer

Phaidra Knight is one of the most accomplished rugby players in American history. Alumni of the HBCU, Alabama State University, a lawyer, an activist, media personality, multiple time Rugby World Cup player, World Rugby Hall of Famer, USA Rugby Hall of Famer, Philanthropist, Investor, Entrepreneur, and more. We posted this throwback from 2017 to give […]

Local Rugby Player Shows How To Recruit Using Digital Advertising

As we return back to play in this post-pandemic era, we need to use the lessons learned from the pandemic to adjust the way rugby is run. While there are still traditional ways of recruiting new rugby players, we need to take the opportunity to invest in methods that can do the work, when you […]