Greaux Rugby Show: Michael ‘Mick’ Fealey, Founder of Citizens Rugby Foundation

Michael Fealey is the founder of the Citizens Rugby Foundation, the Exiles RFC, and Mick Mullins Irish Pub. He has been pushing to file a grievance against USA Rugby to oust the governing body and replace it with a new initiative surrounded around collaborative business. Fealey talks about his rugby journey and what he envisions […]

Greaux Rugby: Maria Thomas, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Union

Maria Thomas is a dynamite of personality and passion. She has been a long-time member of the Trinidad and Tobago Women’s National Rugby team. She has now turned her energy from just the field to the top of the administration as president of the Trinidad and Tobago Rugby Union. We spoke about how she got […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Phaidra Knight, the World Rugby and USA Rugby Hall of Famer

Phaidra Knight is one of the most accomplished rugby players in American history. Alumni of the HBCU, Alabama State University, a lawyer, an activist, media personality, multiple time Rugby World Cup player, World Rugby Hall of Famer, USA Rugby Hall of Famer, Philanthropist, Investor, Entrepreneur, and more. We posted this throwback from 2017 to give […]

Local Rugby Player Shows How To Recruit Using Digital Advertising

As we return back to play in this post-pandemic era, we need to use the lessons learned from the pandemic to adjust the way rugby is run. While there are still traditional ways of recruiting new rugby players, we need to take the opportunity to invest in methods that can do the work, when you […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Robbie Owens of Squidge Rugby

Robbie Owens is best known for his Youtube persona, “Squidge Rugby”. A channel where he breaks down rugby games and stories, in a poetic way that combines humor, with historic referencing, and deep dives of observation and analysis. His channel has garnered over 20 million views and built up a support base of 162,000 subscribers. […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Karimah Prince of Prairie View A&M Rugby Women

Karimah Prince is one of the first players who joined the Prairie View A&M Rugby women’s team. She talks to us about her process into attending Prairie View A&M, how she got involved with rugby, and how it opened her up. She talks about attending the HBCU Rugby Classic and the future of HBCU rugby. […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Akinola Raymond of Rugby United New York

Akinola Raymond has been an up-and-coming rugby star on the pitch. Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Akinola found rugby and has been a dynamic player. He’s best known for his excessive speed, which led to him getting picked up by the Major League Rugby team, Rugby United New York. His speed on the field has also […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Carille Guthrie of James G. Robertson & Clive Sullivan Rugby Foundation

Carille Guthrie is an HBCU Alum, rugby player, engineer, and international traveler and so much more. She has been supporting rugby where ever she lands, regardless of whether it’s working with Doctors across borders in Ebola containment, or helping to young rugby players in Malawi, she is always representing her community. She founded the non-profit, […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Marquise Goodwin, Vice President of the Southern California Rugby Referee Society

Marquise Goodwin has been in the rugby game for over 15 years. Moving from player to coach to referee, Marquise found his niche and has created deep rugby roots as a referee. As the vice president for the Southern California Referee Society (I said it wrong in the podcast and called it the West Coast […]

Greaux Rugby Show: Erika Morri, Italian Rugby Federation Board Member

Erika Morri is a former Italian Rugby National Team Member, a multiple time Rugby World Cup player, and a former board member of the Italian Rugby Federation. She has worked to champion the development of rugby at the youth level and rising. Morri talks to us about her journey through rugby, the new rugby initiatives […]