PRO Rugby Announces Broadcast Partner

So, it’s finally announced. PRO Rugby has a broadcast digital streaming partner, and it’s not who you think it is:

So it is with this CALL TO ACTION that I ask all rugby supporters, both in the USA and Worldwide, to support our teams and players in these very important early days. Watch our broadcasted games on either AOL.com, our worldwide digital live stream partner, or One World Sports, our Cable TV partner, wear rugby gear and talk about our games, players and teams. Let us all show the rugby world, sponsors and media how special rugby is both on and off the field and how committed to its growth in the USA we all are. Every one of our fans is important and your support will give incredible opportunities to all rugby players from the youngest youth player, to the collegiate player, to the club player, and to the PRO Rugby player.

AOL is the official broadcast partner of the PRO Rugby USA. AOL hasn’t felt this relevant since it’s heydays as the leading internet provider in the 90s. Truthfully, AOL have been a silent partner in many digital broadcasts working with companies like, The National Football League, and Huffington Post. This is a really good venue to post the games and it should yield some great returns for PRO Rugby in terms of digital advertising. This is kind of a punch in the gut to the new RugbyChannel.tv, but we have to assume that PRO Rugby is trying to get the best return for their value.

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