Red Bull Picks Up Rugby Player

Looks like we get more evidence that rugby is rising on national stage. The long time extreme sports supporter and caffeine pusher, Red Bull, has added Carlin Isles to their list of sponsored athletes. Carlin Isles announced it on his Facebook today,

I want to thank God, I’m officially a Red Bull athlete. It’s been a long 6 months trying to get this deal, but God always makes a way, always dreamed of something like this specially to be a Nike and Red Bull athlete. But for it to all come true shows that nothing is impossible without hard work and believing in yourself, and the man up stairs! Big shout out to my teammates. Don’t ever let no one tell you what you can and get do! Paint your picture how you want it!

Carlin Isles has received a plenty of notoriety with in the Rugby world as a speedster, and taken more seriously as a rugby 7s player. It’s nice to see it start to spill over into the mainstream arena. Carlin Isles will now be in the same company as other major athletes like Reggie Bush (American Football), George North (Wales Rugby Union) and Jason Paul (Free-Running).

Congratulations to Carlin Isles for his continued success and growth.

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