Red River Collegiate Championship Preview: UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS

The D1A Red River Collegiate Rugby Conference is coming April 1st and should host some great college rugby match-ups.  The inaugural Canterbury North America Red River Collegiate Rugby Championships will be held at Huns Field in Austin, TX.  Gift-Time Rugby Network will be broadcasting the championship live.

University of Texas are up against University of Arkansas for the Red River Championships 5th place match.  Losing their coach halfway through the season has made it a rough one for the Longhorns.  Junior fullback David Blinn explained that “player leaders have had to step up to an even higher degree. Older guys in the team like Conor Steeds, Lior Vansteenkiste, Jack Beadle, and captain William Wang have become more vocal on the field and in practice which has made our team more of a collaborative effort than before.”


The Longhorns are keen on their upcoming challenge against Arkansas.  David is optimistic about the encounter.  “We gave up a couple early tries in our last matchup, but now that we’ve seen them play I think we’ll be able to prevent that this time.  The beginning of this semester we had some really lopsided losses but I think our defense has improved immensely.”

“It comes down to our fitness level as well as hard work on drilling our realignment and being a solid wall every phase.  Defense is what wins games, but I think we need to breakdown how we’re going to cut through our opposition”.

Texas Rugby will need a lot of discipline going into their matchup with Arkansas.  Watch the action live April 1st on Gift-Time Rugby Network.


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