Red River Rugby Conference D1 Pick ‘Em Panel

Pickem Panel Week 8

Last week only one match and the Austin Blacks owned it as they should have on their home turf. The Blacks 36-10 win was the first time this season a Red River team has gone 2-0 against an opponent. This week two of the RRRC’s powerhouse teams are on the road against teams they have not played, yet this season.. The Reds visit the Huns and the Blacks visit Houston. Take the jump to see what our panel has to say.

Dallas Reds at Austin Huns
Grant – The Huns have had a tough season and have played it well. They’ve spent a lot of time building solid structure and can score. They will need a huge defensive effort against the Reds, though. The Reds like to score and score a lot. They’ve been off for a few weeks due to Vegas and weather. Their last match left them wanting it back. The Reds won’t travel I-35 North with their heads hung again. Reds by a couple of tries.

Ted –  A more intriguing matchup this week than it would have been a few weeks ago. Huns have played some of the stronger RRRC teams pretty close. They’ll need to double down on their efforts to notch an upset of the Reds. The Reds are looking to get back to form after having time off with the weather and suffering their first loss of the season. Pick: Reds

Gordon – Reds to turn things around against the Huns. They had some luck with their last game called off due to the weather as they were not in ideal shape. Now that the flu has passed and the guys have refocused after the humiliating loss to the Blacks I expect them to be out for blood this weekend. The Huns are great for Texas rugby with the foundations that they are putting in place but they are just not good enough to compete this season.

Gift – The Austin Huns are a much better home team then they are an away team. They are far more of an offensive threat on their own field. The Reds are still the best team in the RRRC, even though the Blacks might have something to say about that. Even though the Reds are going to be on the road, I look at them to continue their rampage on the RRRC. Look for the Reds to take this game.

Buss – Reds in a tight contest to build late. Huns are looking better and better but until they start winning these tight contests against good teams they will stay in the second tier.

Austin Blacks at Houston Athletic

Grant – Houston has seen the Blacks yet this year and that should not matter to the home team this Saturday. Several times this year, HARC has stayed in the game until the 60th minute. They need to focus on staying in it defensively past that point. The Blacks have gas and depth to spare. If they get into either, the game will not be in question. Blacks by a lot on Saturday, but I really hope HARC proves me wrong.

Ted – On paper, this game looks like another blowout loss for HARC. However, could this be the week that they put everything together? Probably not, but the Blacks will need to be careful not to head to Houston flat. They’ve been playing well and need to keep pace. The best thing the Blacks can do is put HARC away early. If they let them hang around, then they could be in trouble. Pick: Blacks

Gordon – Blacks to continue winning without getting into top gear. They may take HARC lightly which could result in the score being closer than it should be.

Gift – The Austin Blacks are just rolling. They have not lost a match since they played New Orleans on February 7th. The Blacks have been dominate in each of their games since. I don’t see this being any different. Look for a strong Austin Blacks win over HARC.

Buss – Blacks added the missing piece to their loose forward trio and it looks like they will continue to build. I wouldn’t worry about missing pieces on the trip – to a man they look to be enjoying their rugby right now. Blacks big.

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