Rugby Coaches: Georgia Southern University, Dr. Chris Brown

Georgia Southern Rugby opens up their matrix season in the South Independent Rugby Conference against Georgia Tech Rugby on September 25. Georgia Southern is coming off a 5-3 spring season, where they missed the playoffs for the South Independent Rugby Conference by just a little bit. This season Georgia Southern is looking to make some changes, but they are keeping many things still the same.

One of the newest changes that the Georgia Southern Rugby will have is the addition of new head coach Dr. Chris Brown. Dr. Chris Brown is a long time player and rugby administrator who has storied history of play and administrating. He is also currently a professor of Political Science and International Studies at Georgia Southern.

Georgia Southern will be returning 18 starters from last year, as well as 30 overall players, including,

USA Rugby South Panthers U19 player, Stephen Curran – Prop
Adam Webb – Fly half
Alex Novis – 2nd Row/8-man
Andrew Campuzano- Fly Half
Brandon “Babyface” Janco- Prop
Byron “Bambi” Batchelor- Scrum Half
Chandler “Dennis the Menace” Lane- Scrum Half
Charles- 2nd Row/Flanker
Chris “Carlton” Fajemisin- Prop
Colin Teeling- Wing
David Rehm- Center
Derrion “Barlow” Cortez- Center
John Lee- Hooker
Johnny “Friendzone” Strabo- Center
Kyle Lesser- 2nd Row
Langston Middleton- Fly Half
Lorenzo Bryson- Flanker/Prop
Luke Pashke- Flanker/8-Man
Matthew Beblowski- Wing/Fullback
Matt “Geevo” Swartz- Hooker
Michael Weaver- Wing
Nicholas Johnson- Prop
Nick Sutton- 2nd Row
Roadhouse- Prop
Ryan “Screech” Kolencik- Wing
Sean “Ronnie” Gilfillan- Hooker/Flanker/8-Man
Sean “Vegas” Piestrak- Scrum Half/Wing
Shawn Gray
Terrance Williams- Flanker
Timothy “Whitey” Jarriel III- Utility Back
Timmy Derpentigny- Hooker
Zach “Chief” Rainwater- Inside Center

Check out the interview with Dr. Brown for more about the Fall 2015 Georgia Southern Team.

Georgia Southern SIRC Schedule

Sept. 25 – Georgia Tech @ Georgia Southern 
Oct. 3     – Georgia Southern @ Memphis
Oct. 24   – Kennesaw State @ Georgia Southern 
Oct. 31   – Memphis @ Georgia Southern
Nov. 11  – Georgia Southern @ Georgia Tech
Nov. 21-22 – SIRC Championship Finals


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