Rugby Experience Turned Up Another Level

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The Bledsoe Cup, The Rugby Championships, Premiership Rugby or PRO 12, there are so many rugby matches that are upcoming, there is no way that you could be bored. There is nothing more exciting than watching 14 or 30 athletes on the pitch battling for the pride of their club.

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We all know when we get together, with our teammates and friends, as we prepare to watch a game, we know those guys who instantly become rugby experts. They will sit down and become the armchair referee that we never wanted. If they get on William Hill, you can make them put their money where their mouth is. William Hill allows you to make bets on the overall campaign. If your friend actually believes they can predict who the first person that will score in a game, challenge them through William Hill. Who is your friend’s favorite player in a match? Challenge them through William Hill to find out who is going to be the match’s all-time scorer.

Bledsoe Cup


Every week, you have a chance to sit down and look over the matches that are coming up. Research the players, learn the tendencies of each team. With New Zealand taking on Australia, and Argentina taking on South Africa, you have a chance to take the information that you have learned, and utilize it properly. How often do you think Quade Cooper of Australia will score against the All-Blacks? What do you feel the total score for this rematch? Who do you think will score first, Bryan Habana of South Africa or Manuel Mantero of Argentina? Bring that confidence over to William Hill and see how much you get back on your betting opportunity.

Some of the best parts of William Hill is that you don’t have to worry about waiting for the scores and statistics to load up. All the scores and statistics are updated live on William Hills. So when you watch South Africa barrel up the pitch, and set up an off load that may go in for the try against Australia during the Rugby Championships, you will get to see yourself making money in that very moment. Not only do you get a chance to talk trash to your friend, and pay for the next round of drinks.

Rugby is about camaraderie. Take the gathering of your friends, your teammates and your family to another level. Get the full experience of the match, regardless of whether you are attending the rugby matches or watching it with friends, by utilizing William Hill. Make money and enjoy the game to its fullest. With so much rugby on the way, there is no doubt that you will have plenty of opportunities to take your rugby smarts to the max level.

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