Rugby Movie Review: Jungle Cry

Jungle Cry” is a movie directed by Sagar Ballary that tells the story of the U14 India championship team from the Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences. In 2007, the team traveled to London to compete in the U14 Junior Rugby National Cup. The movie follows the team’s coach, Rudra Singh (played by Abhay Deol), and the team’s founder and director, Dr. Samanta (played by Atul Kumar).

The story also features a character named Paul (played by Stewart Wright), a former British diplomat to India who quit his job to help underprivileged kids in India. Paul is introduced to the team by Dr. Samanta and becomes a mentor and coach to the team, using rugby as a vehicle to teach the kids valuable life skills.

Despite being an established football coach, Rudra Singh is initially resistant to Paul’s suggestion to switch to rugby. However, he eventually agrees to give it a try and, under Paul’s guidance, the team begins to thrive. The movie follows the team’s journey as they face various challenges and learn important lessons about teamwork, perseverance, and leadership.

Overall, “Jungle Cry” is an inspiring and heartwarming movie that tells the true story of an unlikely team of underprivileged kids who achieve great success on and off the field. It’s a must-see for fans of sports movies and anyone looking for a feel-good, uplifting story.

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