Rugby Movie Reviews: No Woman, No Cry

No Woman, No Try is a rugby documentary that talks about Female rugby players and the challenges they face off the pitch, battling gender, ethnic, and sexual inequality.

This movie spoke in depth about many of the struggles that women in rugby have had in regard to their peers and how finding ways to overcome obstacles placed their way.

The movie comes with a colorful set of characters that we get to know, with the main focus around Shaunagh Brown and Stefania Evans. We are also introduced to Victoria Rush, producer of the documentary; Zaniab “The Bulldozer” Alema, a married, black Muslim woman who aspires to play for England; and Ugo Monye, a former England Men’s Rugby player and ally to the women. Through their eyes, the documentary provides us with information that goes into women’s rugby.

As in-depth as this movie goes into the topic of what people can do to help women’s rugby, I think that the movie could have pushed more. It provided transparency as to what the issues were, but I think it could have pushed to be more vulnerable with each of the players that were focused on. Continuing to humanize the problems that are being spoken of, while also allowing us to connect with who the players are as full people and not just their traumas.

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