Rugby Movie Reviews: Sye/Challenge

Sye was a movie that was released in 2004. It is an Indian Telegu movie, which is a type of Indian cinema that is not Bollywood but rather Hollywood-style. The movie was a huge hit in 2004, and for good reason. It is a funny and entertaining film that mixes comedy and drama in just the right proportions.

The movie follows the story of two students, Prudhvi and Shashank, who are rivals and leaders of their respective class groups. Prudhvi is the leader of the science students, while Shashank leads the sports students. The two are constantly at odds with each other but eventually form a bond over their love for rugby.

The acting in the movie is excellent, with both Prudhvi and Shashank giving standout performances. The storyline is also engaging and keeps the viewer interested throughout the film. In addition, the movie features some great Rugby scenes that will be sure to please fans of the sport.

Overall, Sye is an entertaining movie that is definitely worth watching. It is a great mix of comedy and drama. Fans of Indian cinema and rugby will especially enjoy this film.

Sye is currently available on YouTube

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