Rugby Recap: February 24th-26th

After another weekend of smashing sport across the United States, here is your rugby score report. In Collegiate Men’s competition, BYU defeated both Air Force and Colorado over the weekend in non-conference matches. The Colorado match played on the 24th saw BYU win 84-0, while the Air Force match played the 25th sported a score of 77-15. St. Mary’s faced off against Cal Poly, and secured a victory 94-7. Sacramento State took on Santa Clara in California Conference play, and suffered a 59-27 loss to Santa Clara. Also in California Conference competition, San Diego State hosted UC Santa Barbara Saturday. After 80 minutes, #13 San Diego walked away with a win over Santa Barbara 53-21. In Gold Coast Conference play, Claremont defeated Cal State Fullerton 50-5 while their neighbors in Arizona beat Arizona State 35-25. UCLA topped USC 54-12, meanwhile Fresno State defeated Stanford 62-31. Last but not least in the PAC West, UC Davis bested UC Santa Cruz 51-17 in regulation. In Mid-South competition Lindenwood squared off against Life University, and after eighty minutes Life took the win 24-18. Elsewhere, Clemson clawed their way to a tight win over Davenport 34-33, while Washington defeated Boise State 27-24. Western Washington crushed East Washington 159-0, and Oregon defeated Western Oregon 25-17. In Texas, Baylor handled Red River Conference opponent Texas Tech 42-15, and Houston clinched a tight victory over Texas 10-8. Texas A&M defeated Texas State 44-12, while Texas A&M Central beat East Texas Baptist 76-17. Among other contests, Florida International beat North Florida 73-21, while Arkansas defeated Indiana in non-conference play 46-23. Navy defeated Norfolk 33-29, and Colorado State beat Utah 50-24.

Photo Credit : WB Taylor

In Men’s Senior Division play, the Austin Blacks D1 and D2 squads faced off against the Dallas Reds D1 and 2 units. In D1 play the Blacks feel to the Reds 63-35, while the Reds D2 squad drew a tie with the Blacks 25 all. The Austin Huns drew a double match as well facing off against the HARC and Glendale Raptors in D1, and against the HARC D2 squad. In D1 the Huns fell to the HARC 46-21, and also to Glendale 41-10. Both the HARC and Huns D2 sides tied 28 all, while the Huns D3 unit saw no action this weekend. Dallas Athletic Rugby club bested Oklahoma City 41-37, while the El Paso Scorpions defeated the New Mexico Brujos 34-22. Tulsa defeated Fort Worth in conference play 33-20, while Little Rock topped Euless 33-14. Woodlands Rugby pulled off a victory against Alamo City 32-12, and Katy beat San Antonio 32-28. Memphis drew a Matrix win against Birmingham 17-13, Huntsville defeats Gadsden 50-0, and Tampa Bay won over Okapi 70-14.

Photo Credit: Leigh Darllek


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