Rugby Is A Top 5 Tinder Match

The Olympics closed and finished on a high note. There wasn’t any cataclysmic problems that occurred during the Olympics. The USA came out on top in total medal count and total individual medal count. Most importantly, rugby was a resounding success, but apparently not just in play on the field.

Rugby came in with a resounding success in another competition, sex appeal. According to the website, Unilad, women’s rugby athletes were the 5th most Tindered Olympic athletes in Rio.

They were only bested by some crazy other sports, weightlifting, rowing, field hockey, and table tennis. The rugby men didn’t seem to get the same love, but we can only assume that people just wanted to give the other sports a chance because it would have been unfair for rugby to fully take over the sexy levels. As rugby people, we’re willing to work as a team for everyone to succeed.

For the time being, here’s to our rugby sisters killing it on and off the field.


SOURCE: http://www.unilad.co.uk/sport/olympics/tinder-reveals-which-athletes-got-the-most-matches-in-rio/



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