Rugby World Cup 2015 Breaking Barriers

The 2015 Rugby World Cup was economically the most successful to this date.

The Cup generated £2.3 billion in economic output according to EY who published the report in 2015.

The World Rugby website says that England 2015 was the most competitive, best attended and most viewed internationally. Out of the eight tournaments up to date, the Rugby World Cup was listed as the biggest sporting event of 2015 placing rugby back on the map of prestigious sports.

World Rugby chairman Bernard Lapasset said: “Rugby World Cup 2015 was a very special and record-breaking global celebration of rugby and it is character-building values and widely regarded as the biggest and best Rugby World Cup to date.”

Rugby is breaking its ground and continuing to make history all over the world, with the success of the 2015 Rugby World Cup viewers, fans and teams alike are ready to consistently have rugby on the list of best sports.

RFU CEO Ian Ritchie commented: “We wanted Rugby World Cup 2015 to be a celebration of rugby, which inspired the country, and the world, to play and support the game.”

With the viewing in 151 different countries,  it can be seen that rugby is in fact taking over, with the numbers growing and player pools becoming harder to choose from it is safe to say that the Rugby World Cup of 2015 has continued the forward momentum to push rugby back into the spotlight where it belongs.


Source: https://www.ruck.co.uk/rugby-world-cup-2015-officially-financially-successful-date/

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