Sales and Marketing Representative



Job Title: Sales and Marketing

Hours per week: 20 – 40 hrs

Job Description: GiftTime Rugby is looking for sales people with interests in sports media advertising. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to understand the product and services we offer and can effectively communicate the same to existing and potential new business clients. 

Required Special Knowledge, Abilities, Skills:

(1) Excellence in oral communication skills

(2) Ability to interact with clients

(3) Possess and practice good judgement

(4) Impeccable attention to detail

(5) Self-Motivated and willingness to contribute to ideas and discussions

(6) Ability to multitask and work cooperatively with others as part of an effective communication team, while fulfilling the company’s mission

(7) Willingness to learn new training habits

(8) Proficient knowledge of sales and marketing

(9) Must be able to maintain a professional demeanor


Send resumes and inquires to GiftTimeProduction@gmail.com

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